Who We Are

Home Partnership Inc. was started out of a grassroots coalition of local churches, businesses and government representatives who saw the need to provide safe, decent affordable housing with dignity. The coalition shared the vision of a community that could provide affordable solutions to a broad spectrum of individuals and families, a community that shared the American Dream of homeownership and future possibilities. Home Partnership Inc. works with its partners to bring together resources to help families become successful homeowners -- families who live and stay in their homes over time. Today, Home Partnership Inc. works to create successful homeowners and strengthen communities through programs such as housing counseling,
home buying education and housing development services.

Home Partnership Inc. is just that -- a partnership between business, government and the community to focus resources for the purpose of promoting homeownership. Why homeownership? It's simple:

  • Children of homeowners do better at school

  • Homeowners are more active in their communities including in civic and political activities

  • Research indicates higher levels of homeownership in communities enhances property values

  • Through homeownership families build equity and stimulate economic growth through purchases of household goods