Owner Options Orientation

For Current Owners

DATE/TIME:   Wednesdays 11:30 am or by AppT.
LOCATION:  Home Partnership, Inc.
626 Towne Center Drive, Suite 102, Joppatowne, MD 21085

  • Are you current but concerned about the interest rate or other terms of your mortgage?

  • Considering refinance or sale of your home to lower expenses?

  • Are you behind in your mortgage payments?

  • Is your lender sending you foreclosure warnings?  

  • Do you have questions for a HUD certified counselor about preventing a foreclosure?

This workshop will help answer your questions! 

**ORIENTATION is required before one on one appointment is scheduled unless a closing or sale date is scheduled within next 30 days.**

  1. Complete Registration paperwork prior to Orientation.   Download the forms below.

  2. Bring all of the completed forms and the financial documents requested to class with you.

  3. Call 410-679-3200 ext 18 to schedule and appointment or for more information. 


ForeclosuRE Prevention COUNSELING

Home Partnership, Inc. provides counseling and education services for families and individuals who are having trouble making mortgage payments on homes they currently own. Whether due to  medical emergency, reduction in income, changes or loss of job, separation or divorce or even death of a spouse, Home Partnership can help.


Common Questions and Answers

FREE Legal Helpline Regarding Foreclosure

A look at the Maryland Homeowner Foreclosure Timeline as it
applies to the homeowner.


It generally takes the help of many committed professionals to buy a home. After you have settled on the house, remember, Home Partnership, Inc. is still willing to work with you.  Our goal is to help you to fully realize the benefits of homeownership as a wealth-building tool that adds to your personal security and to  the stability of our community.   Good financial management, regular property maintenance and good neighboring all play a part.  Don't wait until you feel burdened by uninformed decision-making and be sure to contact us before considering major changes like refinancing your home. Contact us if you have homeownership questions or concerns.